Business Inquiries.

Hi! I am Ben from Benjaminoftomes over on Booktube.
I am a Book lover and an Instagram-a-Holic.

If you are interested in myself becoming a promoter for you and your books then this is the page for you, I offer advertisement from both my Youtube and Instagram. I am a Book Tuber (YouTube book reviewer) with a current following of 13,200 subscribers and 8100 Instagram followers (and growing rapidly). One of the pleasures I have in the book world is book advertisement and encouraging others to buy authors amazing books.

I currently advertise for the author Gabriella Lepore. I'm a reviewer for Penguin publishing and most publishing houses in the UK and some in the US. I think my followers and subscribers are the perfect target audience for young adult books and if you are an author of young adult books then I am offering my assistance to you.

If you would like more details about promotion and advertisement then do email and I can give you a better idea on what I do. Some of it includes reviews, live shows, read-a-longs and social media advertisement. I look forward to hearing from you!